Saturday, September 30, 2006

Month One

This past Friday my baby became one month old. I can't get over the changes that have occurred in our lives these past 30 days. I went from just being pregnant to nursing a newborn, recovering from a c-section and bladder injury, treating post-partum depression, re-connecting with my husband, calling my first born 'Sissy', and realizing that someday my husband will have to deal with three women under one roof having their periods at the same time rather than two.

Watching Piper change from a fresh-from-the-womb one-day-old to the seasoned age of thirty days has been nothing short of amazing. Her eyes light up when she awakes. She smiles when we kiss her. She is most comfortable crossing her feet at the ankles and keeping her fists under her chin much like a vampire bat. She poops an awful lot and is able to excrete with such force that one diaperless time her poo made its way across the changing table. Her concentration on performing number two is such that I feel I should offer her the newspaper only to have her retort, "This is serious business, lady. It needs my full attention."

And oh, how serious is Piper! She has this look that can stop you dead in your tracks. You think you have found the appropriate solution to one of her problems only to be told with austerity, "You have no clue what you are doing. I want to speak with your manager!"

She is a physically strong baby- held up her head right after delivery. I will put her over my shoulder to burp and her neck stiffens while her head seeks more milk. She nurses with great gusto. During her waking moments, her hands and feet are always in motion; involuntary reflexes to the synapses in her brain. One move that we know is purposeful is when her lone middle finger will rise telling us that not only can she understand what we are saying to each other, but that she has mastered comedic timing. This will take her far in life.

We have yet to see if Piper is a dog person or a cat person. Much to my surprise, my dog has accepted Piper and even guards her nursery while we are in there. If a cat tries to make it's way in to have a siesta in the crib, or to steal her breath, he chases it away. Of course, he only does while we are *in* the nursery so many a time we have entered to find a cat curled up in the crib. Our orange tabby Griffen is so bold that once he jumped in my lap while nursing the baby. Once.

Piper's had many friends and relatives visit for which we are very thankful. Not only have they provided us company, they have brought tasty meals, walked my dogs, done my dishes, and even vacuumed my house. Karma is working to my family's advantage~what a blessing!

I can't say what the next month will bring us other than Piper continuing to thrive and my love for her continuing to grow deeper.

And how could you not be in love with this?


Blogger Vajana said...

Gah! She's gorgeous!

Comedic timing--surely a trait she's inherited from her mother.

Tell me though, what does Piper do when Darian is playing the trombone??

8:02 AM  
Blogger trinjoy said...

I LOVED reading that! Made me smile several times. Sweet picture!

7:24 PM  

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