Monday, October 23, 2006

Sometimes I wonder about her.....

Last night my daughter invited her friend over for dinner. We hadn't seen her in awhile and were discussing the various things she had been up to, in particular, a recent field trip to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit here in town.

Darian: "Why would you want to go see some dead animals?"

Me: "Darian, what are you talking about? Celeste just explained to you what the Dead Sea Scrolls are."

Darian: "Are you talking about scrolls or squirrels? Cause I thought you were talking about Dead Sea Squirrels."


Blogger Vajana said...

don't worry, soon they'll make a Disney movie about the scrolls and she'll know all about them!

Although, I guess Dead Sea Squirrels would be a better Disney movie.

Hope you are doing well, am aching for some new pics of Piper!

6:16 AM  

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